Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waiting Patiently

Maggie's Amazing Teacher for the Last 4 Years

It has been a while since I put out an update. I decided I needed a break from thinking about it all, so I mostly unplugged from all the adoption stuff. Now I am back, but am so busy this Summer I don't have time to obsess about it, which is a good thing. I am growing a lot through this experience, and I can't help but think that this is part of God's plan for me.

We are doing our best to be patient while waiting to adopt. In our hearts, we know that the right little angel will find us, and it is not going to be on our timetable. But still, it is hard. The months go by quickly now. We had 13 expectant moms look at our profile last month through our agency, and we didn't make it onto anyone's list of possibilities. It is hard not to question ourselves, or our profile. Everyone says it is fine, but I always think the pictures and text could be a little better. I am resisting my temptation to get some more photos of us made, and trying to just trust the process.

Maggie just completed Vacation Bible School camp, and is now started at her next camp. She loves the fun of the camps, but is already starting to miss her classmates and the consistency of her school days. Her school is like one big extended family, so I can see why she misses it. It is not like the school experience Lisa and I had. Maggie actually likes going to school. I think she would do better if we just had 2 week breaks throughout the year instead of the long Summer.

She had her first episode of strep throat last week, which we believe she got at VBS since a couple of other kids from there had it. We are so thankful she made it all the way until 6 before getting it, and very happy the antibiotics cleared it up quickly. Also, really hoping we don't get it :-)

Lisa's new job is going great. She is super happy working the new job, and they are very supportive of us adopting. Don't think we could have asked for a better situation.

We have our house listed for sale to see if anyone will buy it in this market. We are not seeing a lot of activity, so not sure we are going to sell it unless we just leave it on the market for a good while. Not sure that is going to work for us because it is an extra whole lot of work having the house on the market with 3 dogs.

Lisa loves keeping the house spotless every day! It's funny, we removed all our clutter, and I can't find anything now! If we do sell our house, we are hoping to move in the same area to something a little bigger to have more room for our families to visit after the new baby arrives. If we don't sell, we are super happy in this house anyway. It is perfect in so many ways, and would be great for the new baby. Only problem, Maggie now has it in her head that she wants to get a new house, preferably one with stairs. I remember growing up in South Florida where there were very few 2 story houses, and how I longed for a second floor. I thought only the richest of the rich had a second floor. She will be disappointed if we don't move, but she is also very patient. It will all work out like it is supposed to.

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Talk to you soon!


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