Monday, January 9, 2012

Truly blessed

Miles passed out at his baptism!

We are rolling along as a happy little family of four. It is a lot more work, but worth every ounce of energy we expend. It feels like we are constantly moving to keep the household and family running, but we usually get an hour or two of peace late in the evening (if we can stay awake for it).

Our family of four seems so natural, like we have always existed. I can't imagine it any other way now. The kids are getting along great. Even though Miles is only 5 months old, he laughs hysterically at his sister. It is so sweet to see the love between them.

Look how big this sweet boy has become!

We are so blessed, and do our best to do right by these kids.

The family at a Halloween Party!

Next month we will go to California to visit Maggie's birth mother before we go on a Disney Cruise for Maggie's birthday. Right before the cruise we will be finalizing Miles adoption here in Georgia (that has seemed like a forever process!).

Yes, we are truly blessed. Thank you, God.