Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy days can be a good distraction

Today, just whizzed right by and I am not sure how much or what I accomplished. Lisa has been home sick with a fever, so I have tried to keep her quarantined in bed. She is a terrible patient and keeps getting back up to help around the house. It is tough for one person to keep this house going with 3 dogs, 1 cat, and a 6 year old.

Maggie reports she had a good day at school (this is the same for everyday :-)). Her teacher said she was able to count to 1000 today. Math is really starting to click with her (I hope reading comes soon, too). She was not happy with me when I told her we were not staying on the play ground in the rain and cold after school. She didn't see anything wrong with playing in the cold rain. She forgot all about it after I took her to buy some new dresses at TJ Maxx (they have the best deals on nice dresses for little girls). I couldn't help but laugh when she and I fought about how we could not buy every dress in her size. My mother so would have loved to have this kid since I wanted nothing to do with dresses as a kid.

After our dress shopping, we headed over to Maggie's karate class. Her Sensei was so glad to see her and commented on how strong Maggie is becoming. In the middle of class, he came over to me in front of the other moms and asked where we were for February since we missed the entire month. I had told him before we left that we were going to possibly adopt a child, but I guess he has too many kids to keep up.  Nonetheless, I couldn't bring myself to blurt out in front of everyone that we had been in Louisiana trying to adopt a baby and that it didn't work out. I guess I will e-mail him tonight and let him know what happened because I am guessing he will eventually remember or Maggie will give it up in the middle of class one day.

After karate we headed home so Maggie could get ready for bed, and I could head over to the kid's consignment sale to see if there is anything I needed to get for our future baby or possibly Maggie. If you have never been to a consignment sale, it is quite the experience of elbowing other moms and a few dads so you can get the best deals first. All the best deals are gone in the first 30 minutes of this 3 day sale.

I can't believe how much stuff I bought. I bought Maggie a ton of summer dresses and skorts (she no longer wants to wear shorts).
I got a Baby Trend Snap-n-Go stroller to put our car seat in.  I never had one with Maggie, but apparently they are great to get around in. I also bought a few baby toys fully knowing that I had better stop doing so because the kid hasn't even been born yet and the room is filling up with toys! Our nursery currently looks like a storage room for Babies r Us. Maybe this weekend we will get it all organized again. We have pretty much stayed out of it since we have been back from Louisiana. At least it doesn't bother me as much to look at it.

Our adoption caseworker e-mailed me twice today (that's a big day for us since she is usually so busy). Once to say they finally changed our pictures on their adoption website, and another time to tell me how many birthmothers saw our adoption profile. Sometimes they even tell you if you were picked as a second or third choice by a birthmother, which always makes us feel a little better. No such luck this month. We were only back in the books for 2 weeks in February, and our profile was shown to 4 birthmothers, which is about what we have averaged in the past (8 per month).

We are planning to step up our adoption marketing efforts over the coming weeks. I am excited that we are meeting with a professional photographer this weekend so we can get some nice photos. Even if we don't end up using them for the adoption, I am excited to have them for our family. Though our house is filled with wall-to-wall photographs, we actually haven't had many done professionally.

I am all worked up about what Lisa and I are going to wear since we won't be able to change once we get to our location. It will be casual, but I want to have the right color combination, etc. I am constantly looking at the weather forecast trying to at least know whether we need to be thinking about Spring or Winter clothes since the temperature is going back and forth. I probably should be more worried about whether Lisa is going to be well enough for the shoot at this point.

I guess I better get to folding the laundry before bed since I promised Lisa I would have it done and she could go back to bed. Last night I was up super late, and then had to take a nap after I took Maggie to school this morning. A therapist friend of ours told us that sleeping was probably one of the best things we could do to heal from our failed adoption, so I have been taking a few morning naps to follow her advice. I guess sooner or later, I need to give that up, but a first start in that direction will be going to bed at a reasonable hour :-)

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