Sunday, March 27, 2011

A rainy night in Georgia

Hmmm... long day. Spent a lot of it preparing for a work event for gay dads, then doing the event, then cleaning it up. Maggie was with me and we were both beat by the end of it. She wanted to come because she saw me buy some arts-and crafts-stuff, and knew there would be kids there. My girl loves to socialize, no matter whether she knows the kids or not. I am sure this will serve her well later in life.

We came home to rain storms. Another soccer game rained out for Maggie. Our soccer team is having a heck of a lot of rain on our practice and game days. Oh well, I don't think Maggie minded. I think she could use a little down time. She spent the rest of the afternoon dressing up first as fairies, and then as various super heroes. I love that kid--a princessy, tom-boy. We'll see how that works out over the next year or two when she firms up her identity some.

My happy Nick-Nick

Maggie loves the babies!

We baby sat our Godson Nicholas tonight--or Nick-Nick as we like to call him. Either he is a breeze as a 7 month old baby or we have gotten a heck of a lot better at this parenting thing than the first time around. Maggie used to wear us out, but he is so easy. He laughed pretty much until he fell asleep. Woke up once screaming, but that only lasted about 3 minutes and he was back asleep. Easy-peezy as Maggie likes to say.

It is a little weird babysitting him knowing that we thought we would have a baby home with us now. I hate even having those thoughts and am glad he is not old enough to even know we might have them. It is nice having the baby around the house even if he isn't ours--especially a happy one! Definitely gives me an idea of what it will be like with taking care of Maggie at the same time. Still haven't mastered holding the baby and cooking dinner at the same time. A friend tells me I need some special one-armed cook book for moms that is out there--apparently all the meals in the cookbook can be made with one arm.

Our photography people sent us 5-6 photo samples tonight to tie me over until they get them all edited (they must have heard through the heavens that I was whining for them). Of course every shot with Maggie was amazing. I only liked one photo with just me and Lisa (not good since that is what we need), and the photo I thought looked really good with Lisa she didn't like. She thought she looked too tired. Guess we just don't like to see ourselves in photos much, but the adoption process requires it, and I am sure we will appreciate having them later in life. Gosh, if we could only all photograph like Maggie. I am holding out hope that we will like more of the photos when they send them all.

Can't believe this is the last week of March. I need to start thinking about our upcoming Spring Break vacation. Of course, Maggie is simple, she wants to do everything her friends will be doing. I am hoping for more down time around the pool. I am also toying with introducing her to Harry Potter so we can go to the new Harry Potter exhibit while we are in Orlando. She is probably a year too early, but I bet her two friends going will know about him and want to go.

Karate update: two days have just gone by and we have not practiced! I hope we get some practice in tomorrow. The days just fly by. I guess the good news is that we are never bored with our lives. I have never understood how people could have so little going on that they are bored. I am a bit jealous of however they pull that off. Nope, bored is not a word I think we have ever used to describe our lives.

Off to bed so we can tackle a busy, unpredictable tomorrow. I hope it brings good things.


  1. What a beautiful family. You are a family that makes the most of every day given. You truly appreciate life and all it offers. You are truly inspirational <3

  2. Thanks for giving us such positive comments. We know we are truly blessed, and we pray for the day when we get to share our lives with another beautiful angel in our lives.