Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just went live!

I just went live with our adoption blog on my Facebook page. That's a lot of privacy I just gave up! Hopefully, it won't be something I regret. I know I have a wonderful network of friends, so I am hoping that maybe by sharing a little more of our experience they will 1. learn more about open adoption, and 2. possibly know someone who wants to place a baby for adoption and will pass our information along.

Our regular adoption website has not been completed yet, so don't be shocked if the link isn't working. I hope by the end of the week it will all tie together (yes, I am an optimist!).

Please think about who you might know who works with women who might have an unplanned pregnancy and pass our site along. Also, we hope you will leave nice comments -- mean ones will be deleted :-)

And finally, if you want to read more about our failed adoption experience, you can find it under the "Oh February" post.


Kathy and Lisa

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