Friday, March 25, 2011

Pollen, pollen everywhere

It is such a beautiful time of year here in Georgia. The flowers and trees are blooming with wild abandon, but with this comes pollen, pollen everywhere. Typically, I can't stand the rain and would love sunshine year round, but at this time of year, it would be great if it rained every third day to wash away the pollen. Otherwise, our cars and decks have a yellowish-green dust on them, and everyone walks around sneezing for a few weeks. I guess a few weeks of this pollen is not so bad in exchange for the beauty we get. You probably have to see it to understand the amount of pollen I am talking about.

We had to hire a dog trainer yesterday because our neighbor is rightfully insisting we do something about our dog, Sara, who wants to bark at her dog the entire summer. We had hoped she would grow out of it with some basic obedience from us, but no such luck. This will be our 3rd summer with her, so we had to call in the big guns. The crazy thing is that she is such a gentle, easy-going dog in the house.

Apparently, Sara likes to patrol our backyard out of fear. She runs the fence line whenever she is out, making sure no dogs or people try to enter. She sees this as her job, and we are supposed to totally change her perspective of the backyard. We have to teach her that it is a place to relax, and not patrol. Oye.... So, now she is not allowed outside without us, and when she is outside, she has to wear a long leash. Only problem, the dog won't go to the bathroom with a leash on. Not only that, she won't move with the leash on unless we guide her. So, at least she has been very chilled in the backyard, but I am not sure how this is going to all work out. I knew this trainer wasn't going to come fix the problem for us, and would want us to be the ones to do the work, but I was still kind of hoping she would just do it :-) A girl can hope!

Not a lot happening on the adoption front. A lot of people ask, but unfortunately adoption doesn't usually work that quickly. It is not like we can say, oh, it didn't work last month, so we are going to try another fertility treatment this month. Adoption doesn't work that way. We have little, to no control over the process. We have no idea if it will happen today or months from now.

I have been keeping busy with work and Maggie, so I don't obsess about the waiting to adopt. I have spent a lot of time at work lately trying to help people figure out the best way for them to start their journey to parenthood. Some will adopt from foster care, some plan to do open adoption, and others are on the path to trying to have their own biological children. I enjoy putting what I have learned to good use for others.

Maggie is getting ready to become a green belt in karate. She has been a blue belt for a while, but to get to the next level she has to learn a "kata" that has 22 movements. That's a lot for a 6 year old and her momma to remember. No one tells you when you sign your kid up for karate that the parents have to learn it too. So, now, in between all of our other things, we are trying to get this kata down. I have resisted learning it for a while, hoping Maggie would just pick it up in class, but now I see I am going to have to learn it, too. I have learned most of it, but now I have Maggie in the background saying "that's not how you do it!" Then, I have to get the video out to show her that I am right. Unfortunately, when you watch the video, all the movements look backwards because her Sensei is facing the video camera. This is hard for both of us to translate! Anyway, we are hoping that if we work on it, she will pass her test by the end of next week. I'll keep you posted!

I am still waiting on the results of our family photo shoot and our adoption website. FRUSTRATING! I hate waiting on things I can't control. It actually crossed my mind today to just tell the photographer to send me all the photos and I will edit them myself. I am sure they would think I am a crazy person if I did that, so I'll try to be patient a few more days.

If you can't tell, I like instant gratification. Once I make a decision to do something, I like to get it done. Not a good personality trait for the open adoption process, either.

Last night we babysat our Godson, Nicholas. He is around 8 months old, but he is as big as an 18 month old! It gave us a good preview of what it will be like to have a newborn and trying to keep the house running. Maggie was so sweet and excited to have him over. She has such a big heart. She wanted him to spend the night because she loves having him around so much. She was really distraught, but was comforted knowing one day she will have her own baby brother or sister. She loves babies for some reason...

I am off to shop for my program for gay dads I am putting on tomorrow. Somehow, I need to convince Maggie running errands with me is more exciting than watching Sesame Street.

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