Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Maggie was delighted to learn that today was both pizza day at school and St. Patrick's Day, so much that she started seeing leprechans in our backyard and on the way to school.

During our breakfast time discussion, we discussed what it means to be Irish and what people do on St. Patrick's Day. I explained to her that some of my anscestors and Lisa's ancestors were Irish, so that made us part Irish. She wanted to know if her birthmother was part Irish, or if she celebrated St. Patrick's Day. This was a "wow" moment because I think it is the first time she really verbalized this type of understanding of her adoption.

I told Maggie I didn't think her birthparents had any Irish in them, but that lots of people who aren't Irish like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day by wearing green and drinking green beer (yes, green beer is on my mind). I agreed I would ask her birthmother if she celebrated St. Patrick's Day.

I explained to her that with a name like Maggie Aileen Kelly, she was kind of adopted into at least a little bit of Irish because her moms are part Irish and have an Irish name. She liked that idea--any excuse to celebrate a fun holiday, right! I am sure she will decide for herself later whether she wants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Until then, today she put on her green shirt and socks and yelled Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone! (My girl likes any excuse to celebrate).

On a side note, I don't know how we ended up giving her such an Irish-sounding name. I guess we had to go with our last name Kelly, and "Maggie" was the only name that jumped at us at the time, and her birthmother picked Aileen. So, I am sure there will be times when someone is calling out her name and will look right past her because they will be looking for a little Irish-looking girl.

In any event, whether you are truly Irish or not, Happy St. Patrick's Day for whatever that means to you.

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